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PONDEROSA ROOFING is a professional company that has been serving the greater Kelowna and Okanagan areas for years. We strive to be the best roof tradesperson in the Okanagan. We provide professional repairs and maintenance for commercial and residential buildings and are sure to meet your roofing needs. Our dependable crew will arrive quickly and fix your problems fast. We work hard to maintain our professional and trustworthy reputation and we assure you that you will be pleased with our work.

       Our specialized services are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are fast, friendly, and work hard to get the job done. Each member of our staff is professional and dependable, as well as friendly and trustworthy. We will ensure that each and every one of your needs are met. By typing Roofing Near Me Kelowna, you fell on the best choice there is! We are your residential roofing experts!

        Each project we take on is considered of utmost importance and we will work as quickly as possible so that you can relax and not stress over a leaky top or other issues. We have a passion for what we do and we care about our customers, making us the leaders in the Kelowna and Okanagan Valley roofing sector. ​We also provide roofing to Vernon, Penticton, and everything in between.

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 Ponderosa Roofing is specializing in repairmaintenance, and inspection, and new roofing for all commercial and residential buildings. We serve the greater Kelowna and Okanagan Valley areas and will come out as soon as possible to help fix any issues you may have and procure a durable roofing fro years to come.

      Our team truly care about the well-being of our customers and want to be as fair as possible. That being said, our price points are always fair and reasonable. We don’t want you ignoring your issues because of money. We want you to have a clean, well-maintained, and safe house to live or work under. We are one of the best Kelowna roofing companies and can provide you roofing supplies.

What should be included in your free estimate?

 In your free estimate you should find a timeline of your project and its completion date with the an approximate cost, a list of the type of materials needed, a description of the work performed and the possible additional charges coming along the way, and a description of the warranty. It’s always ideal for both parties to be clear on all aspects of the service to be completed before the project starts, it simply makes it… simpler!

Our Services

 PONDEROSA ROOFING offers a wide variety of services to meet your every need. We offer

       Roof Replacement: If your steep or flat roof has seen better days and you are in the need for a completely new one, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes, it’s so old it’s beyond repair and needs replacing. That’s where we come in. Our skilled and highly trained professionals will get the job done fast so that you don’t have to worry. 

Roof Repair

If you have experienced any sort of deterioration, we can help. We are prepared to repair your roof leak that needs it, whether commercial or residential. Our professionals can handle any damage, leaks, no matter how big or small. All of our equipment is up to date and will help us get the job done as fast as possible. Each and every job, no matter how small, we do with passion and an heir of importance. Of course, if we notice a problem with your insulation in your attic, we will have an insulation specialist fixing it.

Metal Roofing

Do you have a metal roof that needs some TLC? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Our experts are experienced and can solve your problems in a flash. We have all the special tools and expertise to handle this type of material. Our skilled crew will take care of your metal roofing needs.

        Two types are mainly used; galvanized steel and aluminum, simply because they provide the best performance for the money. Other materials such as copper, zinc, and stainless steel are highly efficient but their cost is not convenient. 

Copper is extremely long lasting while aluminum is salt water resistant. Zinc is also extremely long lasting, resistant to corrosion and has a low melting point,         

        The share of metal roofing has quadruple over the last decade. It is environmentally friendly as aluminium roofing is made of 99% of recycle product and offers much longer durability than asphalt shingles. It potentially cuts energy cost by 20% because of its ability to retain heat or cold, therefore, can ease up on the demand on your air conditioning and heating system. Its weight being lower than your old roof, allows the installation on top of it consequently eliminating the transport to a landfill and the need the landfill itself. Aluminium can be 100% recycled and can be repainted as needed.

Why Is Metal Roofing The Best?

 Metal roofing is a way more to efficiency when considering the value of cost effective and long lifespan results in roofing. Metal roofs are the trending roofing design eligible for all types of house structure. It’s the most durable and high performance roof shingle that appeals to expensive visibility.

         The best metal roofing provides a guarantee of no monthly maintenance nor yearly repairs. It can withstand a life span counting from the present completion date up to decades of succeeding years.

          Metal roofing is affordable. There are many options in the installation of the metal roof when choosing a new construction of roof or simply renovating and updating the roof for house or business use.

          The secrecy of choosing the best metal roof is to ensure that the investment on the quality of roofing materials are prioritized. In this way, the overall outcome of the metal roof will result years more longer. 

          Metal roofing comes in many impressive forms that used to protect the structure from any weather conditions. The type of roofing design may vary according to the investment quality of metal roof to choose from. They are the aluminum metal, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel metal and zinc type of metal.

          Metal roofing is an investment. Choosing the best quality for the property, house, and business is one way of achieving greater benefit in the end. Metal sheets, metal panels, the seam and the underlayment are the necessary components for the installation of metal roofing to be considered primarily.

          The metal roofing system is created differently. The building materials for metal roofing is quite costly for initial roofing construction because all materials should be in the area for convenient work set-up. The price for installation of metal roofing may vary if you choose an arrangement whether it is per square foot payment or per hour labors which includes materials.

          Absolutely, the metal roofing system will offer you greater joy in mind about it’s longevity and protection of security from any extreme weather disturbances.

Skylight Repairs

For those of you who have skylights on their house, you know how lovely it is to be able to see the sky, even from the inside. However, it can also be quite a hassle when there is a break down to a skylight. Being not only on the roof, but also a window of sorts, it takes special care and consideration. Our professional team is completely qualified to handle your skylight problems and repair them on the spot. We are experienced in the repair of skylights, big and small, wide and skinny, and we will do our best to complete our job to your satisfaction.

Roof Maintenance And Inspection

In order to prevent your roof from being damaged, it is imperative to keep up with the maintenance. Not sure what that entails? Leave it to us. We will come out to your house or business and take care of everything. We take care of things like debris removal, moss and mould removal. Why wait for to have deterioration when you can prevent it in the first place? We also offer routine inspections. This is important for homeowners and business owners to do on a regular basis. Why? Because there are many things that can cause damage over time and prevention is the key. Keeping your shelter damage free is our goal, so if we can prevent that from happening, we are happy to do so. 


 It is imperative to keep your rain gutters clean and free of debris. Otherwise, they will get stopped up and you will have a whole other problem on your hands. It can also deteriorate the rain gutters to be full of debris for long periods of time. That being said, we will come out to your business or residence and clean your gutters for you. We are efficient and fast-working, meaning you can go about the rest of your day without the worry of your rain gutters stopping up and flooding, potentially causing water damage to your hut. Having clean and clear rain gutters is part of preventive work and should be done yearly. Need someone to clean your gutters? We’re on it.

Gutter also comes in mainly two forms: galvanized steel and aluminium. They come in two sizes: 4 and 5 inches wide. Aluminum is more fragile and can easily be bent when leaning a ladder on it. They are also much lighter and corrosive resistant. some home owners will sometimes install plastic roof gutter, they don’t offer proper support, are often undersized but are easily installed because they can be snapped into each other.

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Asphalt Shingles

Again, no matter the type of material, we’ve got you covered. We have the tools and expertise to work with any material and keep your roof in great working condition. Whether you need repairs or want a complete replacement with asphalt shingles, we are who you should call. We are more than equipped to deal with asphalt shingles and can repair minor or grand issue that it may have.

There are several quality shingles form the basic strip shingle to the luxury shingle for people that want more aesthetic and long term durability. In today’s market, dimensional shingles are highly used and they offer way better durability and aesthetic than the basic choice without the cost of the luxury option.

The Superior Shingle Roofing System

  Roof shingles are the outer part cover of any building structure both for residential and commercial usage in the roofing system. It is a roof covering that serves as a seal resistant protection from any environmental damages like excessive heat, hail storm, high winds with rains and other weather disturbances.

        The roofing shingle system is the most important in building a structure and so are the best choices to create aesthetic roofing design through choosing variants in patterns, textures, colors, arts and styles. The choices for shingle materials are stone, metal, wood, asphalt, fiber-cement, cedar and plastic shingle for integrating the roofing system.

         The roof shingles are one of the building materials in construction. These are typically light-weight, flat, rectangular in dimension. Shingle roofing should be the first thing to be given attention before every mobilization takes place because it can affect the roof pitch and other methodology in construction.

       Solid sheets or lath installation is the roof rafter located in the roof deck that provides support to the laying of roof shingles. Before the installation of the shingle begins, the underlayment materials should be installed first. Some of it is composed of asphalt felt paper which supports the entire structure of having a water-tight fittings of roofing.

        To install a shingle roof, it should begin with a starter course, individually laid format. Secondly, the placement of the shingle material is to lay it from the bottom going upward pattern. These are the basics in knowing the proper installation of shingle roofing.

       Lead sheeting or any high resistant board will do best in structuring ridge cap. The term for seaming is highly valuable in constructing shingle roofing. All edges are seam to avoid water leakage. Extension boards or sheets are also necessary in creating the best roof shingle system that can guarantee a greater life span.

        Shingle roof materials are essential in complying building codes. All shingles may qualify as differing styles and dimensions. The only way to ensure the safety of each household is to make sure all necessary buildings are built by a professional contractor.

Tile Roof

Replacing your cover? Want to go with a nice tile finish? You’re in luck, because we have plenty of experience with installing and maintaining tile roofs. Our professionals can have one installed in no time and get your house looking like new. Having an issue with your current tile? Don’t worry. We will be right out to check it for you and get it repaired as quickly as we can. 

Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing

Tile roofs are elegant, expensive and heavy; these are the reasons why most roofs designed with tiles – can last a lifetime of 100 years and longer. Clay Tiles, Concrete Tiles and Slate Tiles are the products to choose for tile roofing idea.These are the number of options to choose from if you are moving to make the roofing system of any residential or commercial building an integrated one. Most tiles for roofing are created from styles of molded, tinted and concrete. Some shapes of roof tiles may be appearing in curved, flat, fluted or interlocking aesthetic features. 

       The tile roofing is the best preferred choice for roofs of households or business owners with areas experiencing hot climate conditions and low rainfall weather occurrences. 

       The tile roof framing is the most important factor for heavy weight roof tiles. It should be structurally formatted by a professional contractor to make sure the complete protection of the body roof frame is withstanding the over-all weight support of the whole roofing system.

        Tile roofs are Earth-friendly materials. No radiation can enter the interior of the structure when using a tile for the roof. Roof tiles are real long life span specially when installation takes place at the right weather condition of the area. Fire resistant, hail storm and high winds strengthness are the unique qualities of tile roofing.

        Clay Tiles, Concrete Tiles and Slate Tiles for roofing are insect proof. They don’t have the ability to decay even if you remove the pieces from the roof. They are not made of unnecessary chemicals. The main qualities of tile roofing is its energy-efficiency rate of interior temperature. It is very minimal to look for any maintenance work if you choose a tile roofing system on your structure. 

        The cons for tile roofing are very rare because all ideas of having a tile roof is valuable. The need for the best professional services of genuine contractors is the choice for eligibility construction of integrated tile roofing systems.

Concrete Tile

Thinking of going for a more modern look? Do you want to replace your current roof with a concrete tile? Or are you having issues with your current concrete tile? We have the necessary equipment to fix whatever problems you may have, or install a completely new hut.

Concrete Tile Roof is elegant, eco-friendly and features a long life span with strength capability to withstand the climate of Canada.

         The basic components of a concrete tile roof are sand, cement and water. Most concrete roof products have the same shapes, sizes, colors, textures and variants good for home-styling designs and business buildings.

         Concrete tile roofing is a weather resistant type of roofing system. It has the benefit to provide a maximum protection over unexpected hurricanes with strong force of winds up to 155mph. 

         Roofs made in concrete tiles are a sustainable element for aesthetic designs because they have minimal thermal and heat conductivity. Fire and water proofs are main characteristics of concrete tile roofs.

         Proper installation of concrete tile roof will provide you with a 40 years warranty with no maintenance to work on within the desired succeeding years. Infact, all establishments with concrete tile roofs are still present up to this day even though they were built in the last 100 years.

         Concrete tile roofs are organic in substance, recycled, non-polluting and sustainable. These are roofing designs with high energy efficiency rates. 

        The fashion is working in trend with concrete tile roofs. Building a structure with an aesthetic pattern of any architectural compositions such as Modern, Mediterranian, Spanish and Contemporary designs are easy to customize.

        Concrete tile roof installation is the task of the roofing specialist. All materials regarding concrete roofing involves steel bars, concrete mix, sands, sealants and more. Roof equipment is essential in building a concrete roof that can withstand protection from changing climates.

        Most of the concrete roofs are supported by concrete walls and concrete floors. A base of strong foundation regarding the frame body of concrete roof will cause it to stand in the required structural strength test of the building codes.

        Concrete roofs are in rising sales because of their quality efficiency to protect homes and establishments. Most contractors give a guarantee of cost effectiveness usage through its ability to provide barriers on external weather conditions.

When should you replace your roof?

Ideally, every roof would last 50 years. Realistically, it could be replaced after 15 years. There are several factors leading to its deterioration: humidity, rain, ventilation, heat, cold and of course the quality and type of material. After the installation, a roof should be inspected every year to ensure no defects are showing up. Especially towards the end of its warranty. Catching defects before the warranty expires can save you big money. Making sure that you hire a reputable contractor is key not only for a quality perspective, but also to have your warranty being respected if there is any quality issues. Don’t hesitate to hire a 3rd party inspector to verify the solidity and structure, having a different inspector looking at it is not a bad idea, unless you entirely trust the one you have in hand.

Several red flags can be observed by you in case you skip having a yearly inspection. Age is an important factor. There could be leaks and material deterioration as you roof hit the 10- 15 year mark. Was the new one installed on top of the previous one? Are you noticing missing shingles? Are the shingles slowly breaking apart and is there discolouration between them? Is there any sign of moss growing on its surface? Those are easily observed by the eyes of someone with basic knowledge and it only requires common sense. Shingles losing granules, curling and buckling is a sign that its life expectancy has been reached and maintenance in this case is futile. A good way to find out if they are losing granules is looking in to your gutter, they will deposit and often rest there for some time before being washed down by powerful storms.

Valleys are an integrating part and when its structure is defect, leaks are most likely to occur. Rain, snow, and tree debris are susceptible to gather in the valleys increasing its wear and tear as well as storms with high winds. You chimney flashing can sustain damage as well as the tar around the chimney that can lose its sealing efficiency over time and needs to be inspected.

Newly installed it should feel hard, your old one may start to feel spongy or bouncy as you walk across, it could also indicates a structure weakness under. Never wait before fixing an issue, prevention is key and much less costly when taken in an early stage. Your roofing specialist will easily be able to notice all these arising issues and help you make the right call.

How Should You clean your roof?

 Is it realistic to clean your roof yourself? In many situations, it is an easy task. Considering you roof is not very steep, has a soft slope and you own a single story home, it’s a simple task only requiring a ladder and cleaning supplies. A huge mistake to avoid when cleaning a shingle roof is the use of high pressure water gun, it will deteriorate rapidly the layers of asphalt, whether it’s made of strip, multi dimensional layer shingles or if it’s a luxury shingle that is heavier and last longer than its other counterparts.

       If on the other side, you have a concrete, tile or metal roofing, you can use a high pressure washer if the slopes allows you. Just beware of metal roofs, they can be very slippery, wear high adherence shoes and watch carefully when you are moving around, it is wet and a little steep. You may also have loose tiles that can make you slip, with a high pressure gun, it can be dangerous, some can cut through your skin, wear proper clothing, and take your time. Safety is priority number one as always. Ask your professional if you are not up to the task, they will have all the gears needed!

       Overtime, there will be discoloration of your roof, sun will affects, tree leaves will leave markings, etc. Some shingle roofing can come treated against fungus, nevertheless, after a 5-10 year period, the protecting coating will fade and molds will appear more easily. Depending of where your roof is facing, the side facing south will have sun damage but will have dry faster and molds will unlikely grow on this part unless you live in a very wet region of British Columbia.

       Let’s now review what is needed. Firstly and most importantly, as we stated above, safety is number 1 and you need a full body safety harness. You can attach it to your chimney or to a solid fixture on the other side of the house so you can safely move to the opposite side near the edge. Besides your safety gear, you will need your garden hose and non corrosive roof cleaner. Pretty simple as far as required materials for cleaning what’s protecting you from all the weather we experience in Canada!

​       As soon it you spot algae growth on your roof, it should be cleaned. You may not need a special tool applicator or rinsing tool unless the stains are severe. That’s why it is important to keep an eye on your roof and detect early fungus growth. Chlorine bleach should not be used for cleaning anything on your roof, it’s a strong corrosive chemical that will likely do more damage than prevention, use roof recommended products only even if you pay a little more. It can also lighten your roof, because it’s bleach! Remember you are cleaning your roof, not a just a 10$ plank that can be easily replaced. Use a non corrosive roof product that is also environmentally friendly. Go to your roofing supply store.

      From here, your are on your way, choose the right day, and observe your roof if there is is any defects on flashings, gutters and downspouts at the same time. If unsure, don’t jeopardize your safety! Call a pro.

How to Choose the Ideal Roofing Contractor

 Roofing contractors are the licensed construction firm with expert professionals working to achieve great results in covering all residential and commercial roofing needs, in gutter, sidings and other roofing options. These are the people to look for if you want to resolve any issues and get the most exclusive estimates and warranties about the roofing system of any structure. 

         A roof is considered the most important frame body design in the area whether it is a workplace, home or business quarters. Professional roofing contractors aim to protect all aspects of your investment – including your family, valuable things and the home itself.

         Choosing the expert roofing contractor is easy because the genuine contractor will always highlight important guidelines for your roofing system. 

         A long term roofing contractor with reputable data history is the best choice for installing a shingle roof with 30 years warranty. In this way, the credit of worthiness is reliable, when you need them for a repair task at a later time regarding the warranty, the roofing contractor is still operational. They can immediately provide the repair task under the warranty.

         The best roofing contractor is equipped with a license issued within the given area of the respected city. This means that they have an insurance liability of protection to any circumstances or any event may occur while doing the project.

        Roof contractors are called experts in their field if they offer a methodology plan of an integrated roofing system that leads to a long-life span roof. It is the compliance of the roofing contractor to give the quality design of roofing at the greatest performance at all times. Professional roof installation should meet the requirements of building codes such as ice and water protection code, leakage resistant warranty and other standard rules to regulate roofing specification guidelines.

         The best roofing contractor is a choice. Always make a request of the documents like licenses, permits and insurances. Expert roof contractors are on hand installation applications. Take time in finding the ideal roof contractor for your roofing system. It is best to inquire and allow them to give you quotations for your roofing system needs.

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